Should Toronto continue in Super League in 2021?

James Gordon

11th March 2020, John Smith's Stadium, Huddersfield, England; Coral Challenge Cup Round 5, Toronto Wolfpack v Huddersfield Giants : Brian McDermott Head Coach of Toronto Wolfpack offers advice to Darcy Lussick

On this week’s Rugby League Lunch Hour (live every Thursday at 12.30pm on the Love Rugby League Facebook page), we debate whether Toronto should be allowed to continue in Super League in 2021.

Super League executives will hold discussions today and next week regarding the future of the Wolfpack, and whether they will be allowed to remain in the competition – and if so, with what sanctions.

Drew: “I think they should. I think this year has been very difficult. We couldn’t foresee a global pandemic striking us the way it has, and I think they deserve another chance, I really do.

“I can understand people who don’t think they should have another chance in Super League but considering the circumstances this year, and the prospective new owner sounds like he’s very determined to right the wrongs of the Wolfpack and it’s a big step for Super League to take, a big decision, but if it was up to me, I’d give them a second chance.”

To view the full debate, skip to 27:45 in the video below.

James: “Rugby league needs two things – more fans and more players. If you have more fans and more players, all the other stuff (commercial, broadcast etc) follows. Toronto have managed to attract crowd numbers that are higher than more than half of Super League teams, and they’ve never had a Super League game in Canada.

“I still ask questions about the logistics and the strategy, but in many ways that’s not for Toronto to decide. They’re just one club, they asked to be in it, the RFL said yes, and so they are in it. It’s not up to them to decide what the wider strategy for the game is, all Toronto can do is be the best club that they can be.

“I’m a little uncomfortable with the new owners saying if they let us back in, I’ll pay all the wages. I think if Toronto do remain, they’ve got to have a points deduction. I don’t know what it would be, maybe four or six points.

“I think they should get the central funding. All 12 teams should get the same. You get 11 teams voting and there will be at least four or five teams voting who’ll be thinking if we vote to kick Toronto out, then we’ll be a couple of hundred grand better off next season and be selfish. If you put everyone on an equal footing for funding, you remove that bias.”

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