Sheens unclear about Australian future

Kangaroos coach Tom Sheens was playing his cards close to his chest when he spoke to the media after his team’s weekend defeat to New Zealand.

The Kiwis beat the Kangaroos for the third Test in succession, something that they had not achieved since the 1960s.

Sheens was asked questions as to his own future, and that of the experienced core of the Kangaroos team, who are now getting old together and coming ever closer to retirement.

“There will be scrutiny on everyone’s position,” he told reporters Down Under.

“Straight after a game like that it is not a question to ask me to be honest.

“Right now I just want to talk about the game.”

The Kangaroos do not play another Test match for at least 12 months now, and Sheens pointed out that even if new players were selected, they would not have any chance to impress for a long while.

“For me I don’t want to broach that tonight,” he added.

“It is a discussion point that has got to be looked at by a lot of people and with no football until this time next year it’s a difficult one – when are you going to play them?”

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