Sheens says Rovers will face tougher tests

Hull KR head coach Tim Sheens with happy with his team’s 64-11 victory over Dewsbury Rams, but admitted his side would face tougher tests over the coming weeks.

Ryan Shaw’s hat-trick was the highlight of a dominating performance from Rovers that kept them five points clear at the top of the Championship.

“There were some errors that we need to fix up, but it was a much better start and everybody had a real dig in that heat,” he told the club’s official website.

“The effort has always been there in recent weeks but we executed a lot better today and that was the difference.

“I don’t think that was our best side out there by a long way with the people missing, but they all put the effort in.

“I was very happy with Will Jubb from the start, he tackled everything in that first 25 minutes. Lee Jewitt made his debut and I was pleased with how he went over his three spells.

“He’s not had a game in five or six weeks so to come into the team in those conditions was difficult for him but he did well. He rans some good strong lines and tackled well and that’s what you want from your front-rowers.

“Mitch Clark had a bit more game time today and he certainly carried the ball strongly. He’s a bit different from the other props we’ve got. He’s got that power game that you need in your team as long as he controls it and plays smart. He’s certainly getting back to how he was earlier in the season.

“We had twelve completed sets from the tries, but we were down on our completion if you looked at the rest of our performance.

“If you look at the rest of the games this weekend that’s been the case in all the other matches as well with the sticky conditions, so we’re not going to get too down about it.

“We’re a fit side and the guys come from everywhere to support any half break. Some of that positioning is deliberate as well, with us bringing the outside backs in tighter when we’re playing up the middle. There’s some speed in this side as well which always helps.

“There were some really good things done today, but we’re realistic to know there are bigger games ahead because I felt for Dewsbury today.

“They’ve got a game coming up in midweek and had to rest a few players for that with their guys all having jobs to go to tomorrow morning. Although we were missing plenty of players ourselves, we’re in the position of being a really professional side with a 36-man squad.”

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