Sheens defines ‘marquee player’ requirements for Salford

Salford director of rugby Tim Sheens has given his definition of the kind of ‘marquee player’ who can add something worthwhile to a club like the Red Devils.

Although it is far from certain whether Salford will opt for a marquee signing next season, Sheens is very clear about the kind of player for which a club should be looking.

“If you are going to spend big money, you want someone that is really going to turn a game for you regularly,” he said, according to the Manchester Evening News.

“A marquee player is possibly a seven, a six a nine or a one. It can also be a prop – whoever a club brings in has to be an important player and a quality person.

“You need to bring in a player who can change the culture of the place.”

Sheens is well aware of the challenges which face his new club. He has also reiterated that he is at Salford to help, not to replace Iestyn Harris.

Harris is currently off sick, however, and there are rumours that the club and he are negotiating a severance package.

“The challenge is there. We have simply got to come up with wins and we have to get a strong base,” Sheens added.

“I am here to assist. We will all work hard until the end of the season then sit down and see where we are.

“There are always going to be issues in the game but the Salford club’s profile has been raised significantly and they are well-known.

“It is not easy being an owner. I get on well with Marwan and feel that our relationship will develop.

“Most of the players performed well when I was here earlier on in the season. I will sit and observe than tread softly.

“We have lots of areas to address but the roster is important and that is something we will look at.”

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