Shaun Wane is a hard man: He won’t mind if I flog a few people

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Victor Radley has promised to go in hard at the World Cup, and says coach Shaun Wane would be disappointed if he compromised on his ferocious style.

Victor The Inflictor joined up with his England team-mates this week as the World Cup squad prepare to play Fiji on Friday in their only warm-up match ahead of the big kick off next weekend.

And the Sydney Roosters forward says he will not be holding back on his all-action style.

“I’m just going to do my job the best I can, but speaking to Waney (Shaun Wane), he’s a hard man so I don’t think he’ll be disappointed if I try and flog a few people,” he said.

“Hearing Waney speak, it was really refreshing.

“He sounds a bit like my old man but a bit stronger! On the field I haven’t got all the names of the plays yet and when they were saying them fast, I was struggling a bit but I just need to get them on a sheet of paper and read them a 1,000 times.

“I’m happy he’s the coach and he’s done a big thing by letting me come into this side. I’ll be definitely learning a lot from him and can’t wait to play.”

Victor Radley already feeling at home in England camp

Radley qualifies for England through his father from Sheffield, and made a huge decision to commit to the nation, one that will rule him out of selection for Origin.

He remains adamant he has made the right call and says the squad has already made him feel at home.

“I love them, I don’t really get nervous but on the flight over I was a bit nervous,” he told Love Rugby League.

“I had 24 hours on the flight by myself to think about it but as soon as I met them I knew exactly what they were going to be like. It’s good to know Hally (former Roosters winger Ryan Hall). I know a few of them like Luke Thompson from back home so it’s good as gold. They are funny and everyone takes the piss out of each other and that’s what I’m about so it’s great.

“I rang Hally when I was thinking about coming and he obviously said I’d love it. We were pretty close back in Australia so he gave me some good advice and helped me make my decision. I spent the night with him in Leeds the other night and it was good fun. He played a part in it.”

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