Shaun Wane: More intense Super League would benefit England chances

Shaun Wane

Shaun Wane is hoping for an increase in the intensity of matches in Super League next season which he believes is vital to England’s chances of success.

Speaking after the revised schedule was announced, Wane says the tournament delay will enable him to spend more time with the elite players. 

Former Wigan boss Wane believes a more intense Super League would benefit England’s World Cup hopes.

He said: “The standard was great last year but it has to get better.

“If I was still coaching in Super League, I’d want more intense games, less penalties, more set for set which is going to prepare us for international rugby league.

“That’s what we got last year but I’m never satisfied, I always want a bit more.”

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Shaun Wane looking at the positives

Wane says he was gutted that the World Cup was postponed until 2022. However, he is looking at the positives of it now.

He added: “It was unfortunate what happened. We were geared up for it to go ahead. But, on the positive side, it has given me another 12 months to work with a very talented group of players.

“What I will do this year is have as much contact time with the players as the Super League clubs will allow.

“The majority have been great. They know the need for us to have a successful World Cup campaign.

“I think the players enjoyed the time in camp ahead of the French game.”

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Wane will have a mid-season game on the weekend of June 18-19. It is expected to be against the Combined All Stars.

In addition, he hopes to firm up plans to play Fiji ahead of England’s opening World Cup game against Samoa.

He said: “Whether it’s the All Stars or the French or one of the home nations, I am happy.

“I’m not bothered who we play as long as it’s as intense as the French game.”

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