Sharks bid rejected

A plan from cash-strapped Cronulla to raise vital revenue by playing a number “home” matches on the Central Coast, has hit the buffers.

NRL bosses refused to back the plan, which would have seen the Sharks play five  matches at the Bluetougue Stadium in Gosford next year.

Cronulla had asked for funding of $75,000 per match from the NRL, who have put up a $8 million incentive for any club willing to permanently relocate there.

But the NRL said that the club’s plan was not justified and declined to pursue the idea.

Cronulla Chief Executive Tony Zappia said the club would continue to work with the NRL to improve their financial situation.

He told News Corp: “It’s obviously disappointing but we’ll just have to continue with other opportunities that may present themselves.”

“We’ll work closely with the NRL over the next few months working through the issues.
“One door’s closed, we’ve just got open other doors.”

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