Scott Dureau undergoing chemotherapy as he fights cancer

Newcastle jersey flegg coach Scott Dureau is currently undergoing chemotherapy and faces a battle against cancer.

The 32-year-old had surgery late last year to remove a tumor which has spread through his body.

“I had surgery in 2014 to remove a brain tumor and have been going for regular scans ever since,” Dureau explained.

“In November 2018, I saw (surgeon) Charlie Teo for a routine check-up and it was discovered that the tumor had returned.

“I had surgery and was given the all clear but unfortunately, it has spread to my liver which is why I’m having chemotherapy at the moment.”

Knights’ chief executive Philip Gardner insists Dureau and his family have full support of the club.

“Scott has been courageous throughout this process,” Gardner said.

“He was a courageous player on the field and has displayed those same qualities away from it.

“We will support him and his family as best we can.”

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