Have your say: Should Magic Weekend be taken back to Manchester?

The Rugby Football League headquarters will move to the Etihad Campus and we want to know if you think Magic Weekend should be taken back to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

The RFL confirmed on Monday that its headquarters will be moving away from Red Hall and will be relocating to the Etihad Campus in Manchester.

And the new National Rugby League centre at the Etihad Campus will provide the sport with an iconic new home in a renowned sporting city and will offer world-class facilities for every level of the game, from community clubs to the England Senior teams.

Ralph Rimmer, RFL interim CEO, said: “The incredible plans for this campus and the proposal presented to us, that put Rugby League as a central partner, convinced us that this was absolutely the right place for the future headquarters of our sport, both on and off the field.

“Manchester City Council and the City Football Group have been superb throughout the process and demonstrated that they believe there is a strong future for this sport, and we are all in agreement that this future is best served at the Etihad Campus in Manchester.”

RFL rugby director Kevin Sinfield will lead the new England Performance Unit at the Campus later this year, too.

St James’ Park in Newcastle will definitely remain the host for the Magic Weekend this year.

The 2018 Magic Weekend will be the fourth successive year that the event has been held at the home of Newcastle United FC.

Magic Weekend was held at the Etihad Stadium in 2012 and it was the first time that the event was held in England. It was also played there in 2013 and 2014.

And with the RFL HQ relocating to the Etihad Campus and a strong partnership with the City Football Group, could we see another Magic Weekend in Manchester at some point in the near future? Who knows…

We want to know what you think.

Do you think Magic Weekend should be taken back to Manchester after this year? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. No I have been to all the magic week ends and Newcastle is by far the best venue. If the event does move then Cardiff is a close second. The Etihad Stadium is the last place I would want the event to go back too.

  2. Personally I’d move it each year. I preferred it at etihad as their was more room to put on things for the kids etc… Now at Newcastle it’s become later games and sell about adults getting drunk and then going into town

  3. I’ve enjoyed all the previous venues for the Magic weekend bar Edinburgh and that was due to the location of the stadium in relation to the city centre. Favorite venue was Cardif but accept the difficulty with accommodation. Really like Newcastle but it not being a bank holiday weekend kills it for some fans. I suppose Manchester is the easiest for most fans.

  4. Should stay in Newcastle brilliant stadium close to the city centre with plenty of accommodation in nearby coastal resorts as well as in Newcastle

  5. If Magic Weekend is a Super League / RFL tool to grow the game across Great Britain then they aren’t really doing a good job of spreading it out. Manchester and Newcastle have hosted 6 or 7 years between them now? It’s time to take another risk and host the event somewhere else. Birmingham (Villa Park), London (The Emirates / New Spurs Stadium or Olympic Stadium), Glasgow (Ibrox / Celtic Park or Hampden). All of those cities have suitable attractions and accommodation for both the family orientated supporters and the beer Brigade. Just because the RFL is moving to the Etihad complex, it doesn’t necessarily mean Magic Weekend will or should return to that venue. Love Rugby League as a well read media source, should be serving up and marketing fresh ideas with proactive journalism. Surely folk at the RFL read these articles and others from similar Rugby League media outlets in their spare time. Plant fresh seeds not the same old tired strain…

    • As a Glaswegian, I would love to see Magic come here, but, none of the stadia are ideal. Celtic Park is probably closest to the city centre but it’s still a good walk away and the surrounding area is a bit scary. Ibrox is a tube ride away from the centre and again a bit scary. Hampden it a pain to get to, but the local pubs etc are better. Also, the Celtic/Rangers situation means picking Celtic Park or Ibrox would antagonise the other half.

    • I would Personally would like to see it at the Olympic Stadium, Watched the England v New Zealand game there good location lots of places to eat,those that want to get tanked up will be Disapointed though not many pubs near by but the Stadium bars are very good

    • Glasgow wouldnt be bad but definitely not London or Birmingham. London is too expensive, Birmingham just a tip. It should really be spread out but if it’s going to be somewhere it’s been before then stick to Newcastle – easily the best.

  6. I agree that if the aim is to develop and expand the game then Magic needs to move beyond the M62 corridor. However the key issue in any move is the accessibility of the stadium from the city centre. Coventry is not good, neither is Anfield as the transport links to the stadia are not as good as those in Newcastle or Manchester. A London venue would be good, but Challenge cup final is already there………what about Hull as a starter? Opposite end of the M62, decent transport and stadium

    • The stadium in Hull is far too small to begin with. 25,000 capacity?
      The thing is, London is a city of over 7m people. Many of whom are Soccer or Union fans. Tapping into a market that has a bigger population than the whole of Scotland is a no brainer. The Challenge Cup is only held once a year at Wembley and if my memory serves me correctly, the entire top tier of the Stadium was empty for last years showpiece. Hosting Magic Weekend in the city will give curious Londoners more of a chance to see what Super League and Rugby League is all about and maybe that top tier of Wembley stadium will be full of locals next time the Challenge Cup final comes around. For the game to grow, we need the south to embrace it as much as we do up in the northern areas. Magic Weekend is the perfect event to showcase the best of the game to a curious audience in the capital.

      • Honestly, if you can’t sell out a game like the final to a market that big, then it’s a total waste of time taking the magic weekend there.

  7. Love Newcastle but also like the principle of taking it around the country, midlands, Ireland, south west Cornwall / Devon, London has the challenge cup so wouldn’t include that venue

  8. NO!! Its brilliant in Newcastle, good ground, good city, good people,good bars and restaurants, and top class hotels, and top RUGBY LEAGUE to watch, what more can anyone ask for. I am now meeting up with relations who live in the area, who are all but rugby league fans changing from football.Brilliant weekend.

  9. Very good move by the RFL. Exciting time for them. I’m not too sure about bringing the MW back to Manchester, however I would be sold on a Challenge Cup Semi Final double header at the venue every year. Give it is own promotional stance and it’s like another exciting event for rugby league fans.

  10. Defo bring back to Manchester by far the best location, best atmosphere and personally more enjoyable of all the venues…. Plus the most convenient!

  11. We’ve been to all the venues and Cardiff was the best. I agree about trying to grow the sport outside it’s heartland but wouldn’t want it to go to London. Maybe Birmingham could be an option.?

  12. Newcastle is a brilliant location for the event, it has everything located centrally and the hospitality is second to none. The etihad stadium is out on a limb with no facilities located adjacent to it and once there you are very resticted to the stadium concessions. Newcastle and Cardiff bring a great camaraderie to the event with all fans enagaing with each other and staying together locally and enshrining all that is great about the rugby leasgue family.

  13. Move Magic weekend to Wembley, that would be a great weekend for fans everywhere, and have the Challenge cup final up North where it belongs.St. James’s Park or Etihad??

  14. Leave it at St.James. Manchester is an awful venue. Newcastle has a great stadium with great staff, and it’s right in the middle of the city. Food, drink, entertainment and hotels are all right there, and the train/bus stations are within ten minutes walk. Cardiff is a great place but it’s a rubbish stadium

  15. Newcastle is very beast, because, all the hotels, Bars, restaurants, Fast food outlets, are all in walking distance of St. James’s Park. Something for everyone plus a great venue for our loved sport RUGBY LEAGUE

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