HAVE YOUR SAY: Is a New York Rugby League team joining the RFL a good or bad idea?

Rugby League fans have mixed feelings on the recent bid to for a New York team to enter the RFL in 2019.

A franchise in the Big Apple have submitted an application to join the professional ranks are prepared to start in League 1.

And social media has gone crazy since the news came out.

Comparisons with Canadian franchise Toronto Wolfpack have also been the talking point. Eric Perez’s Wolfpack finished their debut season with a promotion to the Championship for League 1.

And they averaged attendances of over 7,000 throughout the campaign.

A consortium of investors will also put a combed total of $10million into the franchise and they are confident in gaining crowds of over 10,000 at each game in their first season.

But the New York team would be based in the United States and will play in two-week blocks whereas the Wolfpack take longer stints in both England and Canada, usually a month.

New York will play their home games at the 25,000-capacity Red Bull Arena, which is also home to Major League Soccer outfit New York Red Bulls.

And there are even talks that a Super League fixture could be taken to the Big Apple, in a bid to get the game out there.

What do you think of a New York team joining the RFL? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Keep them coming – a Superleague with names like Catalan, Toulouse, Toronto, London, New York has to be good to attract better/more top level sponsorship and TV coverage.

    International expansion is essential to the game’s survival and growth, both at International and Club level

  2. Can only be a good thing for R.L. worldwide,it will force the RFL to loose it’s localised views and stimulate more interest in the game.It could force some of the restructuring needed to become a worldwide sport

  3. Excellent idea – as long as it is done right, with the right people drawn in to lead and the right players to shine. Toronto have shown the path – now others can follow and the RFL can become a truly international jugernaught of a league in a few years. Roll on the gold rush as investors realise the potential of getting in at the ground level on a sport that is about to go stratospheric 🙂

  4. Should get a super league side in Ireland or Scotland, before going to New York . Or is it the green backs your after , that’s one giant Step for mankind and one small step for man . Hope their operating to the same standards as every other club .

  5. What’s not to like? If the powers that be use this opportunity properly with the TV deal close to needing renewal by the time they enter alongside promoting the game in the right way then it should prove to be a massive boost. The clubs need to band together with a set strategy of exposure and promotion. The extra funding (if we get some and you’d be pretty confidant we will) should then be pumped around equally to keep older clubs afloat and support academies and reserve squads, increasing the talent pool, giving more kids more opportunity. It can be massively positive but expansion/exposure needs to work in tandem with grassroots support and the game will organically grow.

  6. We can’t look after Cumbria because nobody lives there. New York is a massive market and the club have investors. What’s not to like?

  7. without been too negertive home comes first there a lot to do to get our house in order before more overseas expansion the amature game is in decline divi one wants a overhaul championship super leauge needs a new frame work eg tv adverts for all games get the young by ads for the game new reserve leauges

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