HAVE YOUR SAY: Should Huddersfield have been allowed to postpone St Helens clash?

It’s a double-header weekend for Super League clubs, except for Huddersfield and St Helens.

With both clubs out of the Challenge Cup, they have been able to re-arrange their game scheduled for Monday for a fortnight’s time.

The excuse that Huddersfield’s football club are playing at Wembley in the Championship play-off final has been rolled out as justification to the move, but fans and coaches at rival clubs are far from happy.

It’s a no brainer for St Helens to accept the request, who now have four further days to prepare for a game against table-topping Castleford than their opponents.

But given the number of other discrepancies in the schedule – week off for World Club Series, the extra game of Magic Weekend, the video referee being at all Catalans matches to name just three – is it just a case of a sensible option when it is available?

What do you think? 

Should they have been allowed to move the match? Is it just a case of “tough” for other clubs?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. 2 things Wigan should not have played Thursday as they have an extra days rest v my club wakefield on Monday and hudds saint s should have stood we are playing an Unlevel playing field at the mo with certain clubs gaining advantage

    • Huddersfield played on a Wednesday at Easter they got 2 extra days than Wigan and no all teams should be playing regardless, would they have done this if they were still in the cup, no thoughts for the fans!!!!

  2. Why should both teams be treated differently than the rest of the teams. Gives them a big advantage as there players will be fresher.

  3. As a Giants fan, can see both sides though i genuinely believe the cancellation was called for for the right reasons. Yes, Saints and us will get an advantage but there wouldn’t’ve been anyone there if the game was played tomorrow as loads of Giants fans want to watch Town at Wembley.

    • Why do you say cancelled for the right reasons thats utter crap.your rugby crowds are nothing like the football crowd, or do you mean there would only be 4 giants fans in the stadium.

    • Must be different in Huddersfield, in Hull I don’t think it would make a much smaller gate. Your a Rugby fan or a football fan and that comes first. Bad decision by RFL to upset most of the other teams.

    • Let’s hope it will not be the end of Huddersfield giants if there football team win promotion today as it looks like the fans have made a choice in witch sport they will be following next year leaving the giants fighting Salford to see if they can break into a three thousand home gate

      • Actually our crowds have been up this year, owing in part to our season ticket sales increasing by 1500.

        Town were at Wembley, off the back of a huge season, in a play off that saw them get into the premiership for the first time. Giants would have just been another league game. Fans of both clubs would obviously choose the play-off game, this was the smart move

    • Wigan did do it to widnes you and saints change the rules as you both are as bent as they come and run the game to suit

    • Oh but wigan cancelled a fixture giving Widnes a few hours notice and nothing was done by the RFL cos it was Wigan.
      Any club would take the advantage of rearranging just sour grapes.

  4. No. they should of played the fixture like every other team are. Big ask for the players to back up a game after 2 days once in the season let alone twice. Gives these teams an unfair advantage.

  5. the reason was to do with logistics as the stadiums stewards and admin staff we’re on duty with the Football. we’re the Giants supposed to play without groundstaff/stewards/office staff etc??

  6. Every team gets different gaps between games throughout the season. It will always happen unless we go back to every game kicking off at the same time. Nothing massive.

  7. Its not both teams huddersfield was the team that asked for it be postponed saints have just done what any other team would of fone

  8. I don’t remember Hull FC having the luxury of postponing their match when Hull City were playing in the 2014 FA Cup Final!!! They even kicked off at the same time ? Typical of the Rugby League to have no consistency!

  9. It does not make much difference, both clubs will have the same amount of time off. If it`s the same for both, no one has any benefit over the other. And it is a genuine reason for the postponement

  10. I think its unfair but I suppose I would being a Castleford supporter. Huddersfield & St Helens are being rewarded for being knocked out of the cup. Why should every team in super league except 2 have to play two games in 5 days

  11. It’s not like they can both get the win when it’s rescheduled is it? There will still be the same points on offer. As for 10 days off before cas, the way they’re playing It will take more than that to disrupt them.
    It’s very much a case of if its my club id be happy if it’s a different club I’m not. Anyone moaning think what you’d be like if you were due to play Huddersfield and the same happened. I bet you wouldn’t be moaning then.

  12. Absolutely not..the RFL heirachy are ruining the game with these stupid decisions.No way is this a level playing field with this and other fixture listings.The RFL say player welfare is paramount.its a joke….

  13. The Rugby FL don’t give a fearless about player welfare. They do what the broadcaster (sky) wants. Don’t get me started on the BBC’s shambolic coverage. They couldn’t even stay on air to cover the cup draw. NOBODY should be playing Mon. It’s wrong. Should have extended the season by a week if need be.

  14. Agree with R Clark Hull v Rovers had to go ahead when Hull city playing its a joke call just so a few Huddersfield fans can watch game bet they wouldn’t of called FC and Catalan off today if Hull City playing

  15. If Warrington had attempted to cancel if the circumstances were different i am sure the rugby league would have disapproved. Shame on you RFL you have to make the competition fair. Also I do not agree with another double header all done to previously accommodate the national side it’s appalling.

  16. if they can not play it on Monday then they can play it on Tuesday so it will be no problems over it we had the same problem at Wigan at the beginning of the season we should have play Widnes at home but had to go to Widnes it was called of but with in 3 hours it was on again and that was all because of Wigan FC cause they had a game day after and it did them no good it was 0.0 but they still went down

  17. I seem to remember Wigan calling off a match against Widnes,and they never informed Widnes,or the RFL that they had done so and nothing was done or said after the event,so why all the fuss.

  18. Its ridiculous. Teams are struggling with injury issues across the board, this idea of another Easter type rota is unbelievable, whether or not some got out if it or not. Player welfare is not being considered at all. The RFL need to sort this out.

  19. It’s a joke from the RFL. This is probably the toughest period of the season and you cannot give ‘anyone’ such an advantage. It’s my aunties birthday today but I didn’t ask them to cancel the Cas match – COYF!!

  20. Jeff I didn’t agree with Wigan calling off their game so late but that was a total different matter Huddersfield have got the pitch to play on so no excuse for not playing the game and to be far if you have played the game and you get beat you can’t wait to get back out and correct it so I don’t
    Know what the fuss is about

  21. It’s not right. Why should they have extra time off. The loss of fans is not the real reason, the gates they get are not worth quibelling about.

  22. Works for me apart from what follows…..
    I’m a Giants season ticket holder and only found out about the postponement courtesy of an Eddie Hemmings comment during the Thursday night Sky Sports broadcast. Not all fans live within walking distance of the stadium, so I’m disappointed the club’s management didn’t think of letting loyal supporters know by email or text. This is the second time this season that poor organization has inconvenienced me.

  23. Saint Helens will have an advantage when they play Castleford. No question. They have had extra rest and so will no doubt be fitter and healthier than the Tigers. The RFL is incapable of consistency and do favor certain clubs over others.

  24. Simple solution. Do away with the crazy extra 7 games from july and gives plenty of time to fit the games in the season

  25. This is very unfair treatment once the fixtures were agreed they should stand unless due to some unforeseen tragedy, the game between Warrington and Huddersfield could be season defining the way Warrington are playing and Huddersfield enter the game after 10 days off. I would also like to say how well Salford played on Monday and for the most part their supporters were excellent but let them selves down by some chanting some foul abuse on several occasions during the game.

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