HAVE YOUR SAY: Should Boxing Day matches be scrapped?

There has been a lot of debate recently about whether or not Boxing Day friendlies should be scrapped and we want to know your thoughts.

Five pre-season friendlies took place on Boxing Day in 2017. Below are the results:

Bradford Bulls 22-6 Halifax.

Dewsbury Rams 16-28 Batley Bulldogs.

Castleford Tigers 16-32 Featherstone Rovers.

Wakefield Trinity 10-17 Leeds Rhinos.

As you can see from the results, there were a couple of close games and a couple of not so close games. Is this because it’s the day after Christmas Day?

Other people on social media say that Boxing Day games should be scrapped to allow players to enjoy Christmas with their family and friends.

But others suggest that Boxing Day games should stay because it’s tradition and the games date back for years and years.

It seems as though more teams each year are taking Boxing Day games out of their diaries…

Do you think Boxing Day games should be scrapped or not? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Boxing day games should never be scrapped I’ll attended 1 all my life it wouldn’t be the same without the fixture !!!!!!!

  2. If the fans want to see combination of regulars and those outside the top ranked players, let them pay their money, no appeal for me personally but is a way to get young fans into see what the game is all about.

  3. Scrap them,the players need to enjoy the xmas with their families,there are plenty of weekends in january for the players to get match fit and for tje kids to get games

  4. A part of me thinks it should be scrapped because rugby league is long hard season. It’s not like football,it’s full of hard knocks and injuries so time of with family and friends would be better. But if we keep them and keep playing youngster and second and third string player then the admition price should be less.

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