Sa’u: Salford are a family club

Salford centre Junior Sa’u says the Red Devils are a family club with players and fans remaining united.

Sa’u was involved in an incident at Huddersfiled recently when he and Justin Carney went into the stands after a game to protect their families after a crowd disturbance.

The episode is being investigated by the RFL and Salford. Since then Red Devils fans have raised money for flowers and gift vouchers for the children of the club’s players.

A letter of apology was also published in the Salford club programme at Saturday’s game against Leeds.

Sa’u, who joined the Red Devils in 2014, described Salford as family whether they are related by blood or not.

“We pride ourselves as a family club, whether there’s blood or not blood,” he told Love Rugby League.

“We’re still a family and one club. Things happen. It’s out of my hands and the club’s sorting it out.”

Sa’u declined to comment on the Huddersfield incident but said his family, he as an infant daughter and a young son, are all fine.

“They’re fine,” he said.

“My daughter’s eight weeks old, she’s keeping me busy. Big ups to my wife, she does the hard work.”

Salford defeated Leeds 14-10 on the weekend with their defence particularly catching the eye.

“All week we practiced our D, especially our goal-line D,” the 29-year old said.

“It shows that we did well. To keep them to zero for the majority of the game, I’m pretty proud of the boys efforts today. Our D won us the game.

“It’s just another win for us, we have to get back to the drawing board and keep working.”

Sa’u made 17 tackles and 12 carries in the victory. Robert Lui returned from injury for the Red Devils but they are still missing several players.

Salford have won five of their 11 games this season and currently sit in eighth spot on the table.

“We know ourselves we can better,” the Kiwi said.

“We’ve shown we can compete against the top teams. But our job is to be consistent at it and just having that belief in ourselves because we are a good side.

“We’re heading in the right direction, which is a good thing. The boys are doing their job right. They’re setting the platform and setting the standards as well.

“It was good to have Robbie back tonight, but in saying that we’ve still got another two coming back in Vidot and Weller. That will give us an extra boost.

“In the meantime we just have to keep working hard and not get too ahead of ourselves. Just keep working hard and the results will come.”

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