Sarginson hits out at Hemel move

Wigan centre Dan Sarginson has slammed Hemel Stags‘ decision to partner with Dewsbury and hold their training sessions with the Rams.

Sarginson, a former Hemel junior, tweeted that the club is “abandoning all London talent” with the controversial move.

Hemel plan to train at Dewsbury’s ground but continue to play their League 1 fixtures in the south.

Sarginson shared an online petition, which so far has 645 decisions, against the Stags’ decision.

It reads: “Hemel Stags are a rugby league club that has been in operation since 1981. It is the longest serving rugby league club in the South of England and has a healthy minis, juniors and open age section in addition to a semi professional side who has played in league 1 since their induction in 2013.

Following the end of the 2016 season, the decision was made, with zero consultation with the players, volunteers, sponsors and supporters of both the professional and amateur club, to form a partnership with Championship side Dewsbury Rams.

This partnership will result in Hemel Stags holding ALL their training sessions in Dewsbury – 170 miles from Hemel, whilst continuing to play their home games at Pennine Way, home of the Stags.

As a result, any players aspiring to play in league 1 will have to make a 340 mile round trip, 3 times per week, should they wish to be considered for selection.

Furthermore, the team will be made up of Northern based players, with no loyalty, involvement or understanding of the history of the Stags, who will travel down to play their home games at Pennine way.

As a result there is no longer a professional ‘Hemel’ team for local players to represent, for members of the community to support and for the minis and juniors to one day aspire play for.

Furthermore there is a strong belief among people residing in Hemel (whether they are involved with the club or not) and the wider rugby league community that the powers in charge of the club have made a terrible decision that goes against the ethos of a great rugby league club which has been at the forefront of rugby league development in the South of England.

We therefore urge you to sign the petition and stand with us in expressing our contempt for the current plans to link with Dewsbury Rams.”

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