Sandow says family is why he walked out on Wire

Chris Sandow says he left Warrington abruptly because of family reasons.

Sandow had an uncle die of cancer last year and the Australian wanted to be closer to his family.

“It’s a long way from home and I’m really family orientated,” Sandow told

“When I went over there, my uncle, my dad’s brother, passed away from cancer. We’re really close. He’s like a dad to me.

“I came over for his last couple of weeks when he got really sick but then he lasted another month and he passed away so I had to come back in a matter of weeks.

“It broke my heart. I’ve grown up with all my family around me. My uncle is a big part of me being where I am today and it’s sad I couldn’t see him out.

“I promised myself that’s not going to happen again. When I got home from England I got comfortable and emotionally attached to my family.

“It was a tough decision to make.”

Sandow has made a shock exit from Warrington with a year left on his contract.

The halfback admtited he handled his departure from Super League poorly.

“I should have been a man about it and explained to them what was happening,” he said.

“I’m from an Aboriginal community and communication isn’t something that always comes natural to me

“I went over there at the back end of last year and it’s a good club to go to. But it’s hard to go back knowing what I’ve got here in Australia and that’s family.

“They’re number one. Family is the most important thing to me and that’s why I made the decision not to go back to England.”







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