Sam Tomkins: ‘Super League clubs will be queuing up to make Australia trip next year’

Sam Tomkins thinks a lot of Super League clubs will be wanting to follow in the footsteps of Wigan and Hull FC with a similar tour in 2019.

Wigan Warriors and Hull FC made history last week as they played the first ever Super League game outside of Europe.

They also played at the ANZ Stadium as the Warriors faced South Sydney Rabbitohs and FC played St George Illawarra Dragons.

And Tomkins believes more Super League clubs will now follow suit.

He said: “It’s been a great trip.

“I think what Ian (Lenagan) and Kris (Radlinski) have done has set out a blueprint for others. It’s not a big challenge, we’ll come here and play two games then head back and play another. It doesn’t bother us and I’m sure Hull, even though they didn’t get the result last week, will agree.

“I think there’ll be Super League clubs queuing up to make the trip next year.

“A lot of planning has gone into it and it’s paid off because it’s ran like clock-work. We’ve not had much ‘downtime’ as players but we’ve enjoyed the time we’ve had here.”

And the 28-year-old thinks the New South Wales tour, which has brought £500k each to Wigan and Hull, will be beneficial for Super League in the long-term.

Tomkins added: “It’s been great for us to do.

“Some people will complain, we’re in Rugby League and one thing I’ve learnt is that you can’t keep all of the fans happy.

“Whether it’s the structure of the league, away fixtures, dates of games, days of games, times of games, whatever it is you’re not going to please everyone but the bigger picture is we want Super League to grow and to put us on an international stage like this can only help us.”


  1. They may queue up to play Australian clubs,but they sure as hell won’t queue up to watch you,you are finished-not worthy of being in the team.

  2. Wigan did really well today as specially playing 15 men the so called refs or what ever you call them was absolutely terrible Wigan didn’t get a 50/50 all game and the last try that they got was that forward I nearly catch it on my chair at home but what was impressive for me was Wigans D to have so meny kids out there and hold them for 30 to 40 tackles was amazing well done Wigan you should be proud ?

  3. I’m sure your 8k a week will keep you warm Sam ,but you got spanked by south Sydney’s under 14,s super league is a joke run by Eric pollard (Wigan) Roy cropper (Leeds ) and Bond villain (saints)

  4. Gloryfied friendly! even against hull what’s the point? 3 boring games fell back to sleep with the wigan game.
    Don’t know were Tomkins gets this 500K from? You have to pay for 25 players to go out there and staff all catered for the 2 weeks, probaly cost 10k per person so that’s 300k gone, stick to rugby Tomkins stop trying to defend a poor decision on how much the club made its not all about the money and the game dosnt revolve around you matey, you went down under and failed then come crawling back Mr sky sports your finished mate!

  5. I take it you’re not a Sam fan you saints fan but he’s not the only one that’s been and failed and he won’t be the last look how many Australians and New Zealand players have failed over here in super league that’s killed it in NRL but they come here and can’t do it but as soon as they pick the form back up they go back and kill it again so it’s ever the weather or it’s are game over here

  6. Not quite sure what the objectives of the trip were. If it was to showcase the talents of British rugby, then that failed. It wasn’t to impress the Aussies as they have a far better product. So perhaps it was all about money. 500k doesn’t seem a lot when you have to travel around the World and play a friendly once the season has started. Perhaps we may never find out.

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