Salford to offer special Koukash access

Salford are set to announce a ‘Chairman’s membership’ that will include special access to owner Marwan Koukash, the club and his businesses.

The Red Devils are looking to increase their commerical revenue and sponsorship, and recently added Mitsubishi Motors as a sponsor.

According to the Manchester Evening Post, Salford will be launching a range of new products and servies to entice fans and local business. This includes an exclusive membership that gives holders ‘behind the scenes’ access to the club, Koukash’s Liverpool hotel and his racehorses.

Salford is also hoping that the completion of a proposed connection bridge over the shop canal will give greater accessiblity to the AJ Bell Stadium.

“We can’t rely on the (matchday) income that we generate week in and week out,” Koukash told the Manchester Evening News.

“Hopefully when the new bridge opens up, we will then only be five minutes walk away from the Trafford Centre and its transport hub. We will be the easiest stadium to access in the top flight.

“All of a sudden our stadium becomes a destination. Imagine, you can hit a ski centre, do a bit of shopping and then walk over to watch top quality rugby league. No other club can offer that sort of experience.”



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