Salford takeover approved and completed

The long-anticipated takeover of Salford has now been completed by a consortium of supporters.

A new not-for-profit holding company, Salford RD Holdings, has taken over ownership and control of the club from Mawran Koukash.

The four members of the board of Salford RD Holdings are all long-standing supporters of the club.

One of those four, Andrew Rosler, the owner of Ideal Corporate Solutions, said: Andrew Rosler said “This is truly an historic day for our Club, as the new ownership structure puts the control of the Club into the hands of the supporters.

“As a new board we can’t wait to get down to business – I am sure we are at the beginning of a really exciting period in the Club’s history and we look forward to working in collaboration with the supporters, businesses and the wider community of Salford to bring long overdue success to the Club.”

The other board members are Asif Latief (Marketing Director at A-Plant), Hannah Fendall (Senior Associate at Williamson & Croft LLP) and Dawn Fidler (Founder & CEO of The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity #SuperJosh).

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