Salford owner calls for salary cap increase

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash has called for the salary cap to be raised enabling him to bring the best players to the club.

The Reds owner pointed to the recent World Club Challenge and said: “How could the World Club Challenge be a fair contest when you’ve got Melbourne operating with a £3.5 million cap and you’ve got Leeds operating on a £1.8 million cap?

“That’s not fair. If we are serious about raising the profile of rugby league, which is massively under-marketed, then somebody up there who runs the sports needs to start considering creating a level playing field. We need to start looking at ways we can raise the salary cap.”

His salary cap issue comes in the wake of the new owners search for a big-name coach to take over following the departure of Phil Veivers.

A big cash offer has already been made to Wigan Warriors for full-back Sam Tomkins which has since been rejected. Enquiries have also been made for Castleford’s Rangi Chase and Warrington Wolves captain Adrian Morley.

He continued: “If we want to recruit the best player in rugby league, I should be allowed to do so and clubs should be allowed to recruit one or two special players from outside the cap.

“That way you could reverse the process of losing players to rugby union or even recruit the better player from rugby union.

“It’s not just Salford that would be able to do it, there’s a number of other teams that could do it and all of a sudden you start putting bums on seats and you raise the profile of the game.”

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