Salford match with Warrington on Friday cancelled

Friday’s Super League fixture between Salford and Warrington has been cancelled.

Salford informed Super League and the RFL that only 13 players were available for selection, which includes two recent loan signings and two players promoted from the academy.

Under competition rules governing forfeited fixtures, Warrington will be awarded a 24-0 victory. The matter will be referred to the RFL’s Compliance Department for further consideration.

In the meantime, Super League continues to explore fixture re-scheduling options in light of this morning’s announcements. 

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  1. Kick them out, add nothing to the game etc, etc..
    This has been a shamble of the highest order. How come the NRL, with a few exceptions managed a COVID protocol and got through, yet hears clubs are suffering left right and centre.
    Something isn’t working.

    • Geography & Population thats the Difference ,Australia has less than 26 million people The UK has a current population of just under 67 million and is only 25 miles from Mainland Europe which has a of around 748 million, So higher chance of infection.
      I assume you’re being Ironic about Salford the team that has Been to a Superleage And Wembley final in the last 12 months.

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