Salford angry over Caton-Brown cannonball

Salford have expressed their disappointment that no action was taken over a cannonball takle that has sidelined Mason Caton-Brown for up to 12 weeks.

The Red Devils’ win over Huddersfield has proved costly with Caton-Brown out for between two to three months, and both Tommy Lee and Greg Johnson injured for four to six weeks as well.

Caton-Brown was hurt from a forceful cannonball type tackle in the 52nd minute of the game on Monday, which has halted his return to first team games.

Salford head coach Ian Watson said, ‘We’re disappointed that the tackle on Mason has been cited by the disciplinary but no further action has been taken. We have asked the RFL to look over the incident again and have been told there’s no case to answer.

“Lots of coaches have raised the issue of cannonball type tackles and that they should be outlawed as they’re extremely dangerous and this is what’s happened here.

“We’re not happy about it but we’ve got our hands completely tied and nothing more can be done. It’s disappointing as a young lad is now facing a long period on the sidelines at a time when he had a great opportunity to play first team games.”

Director of Rugby Tim Sheens said: “While already being held by two other opposition players Mason is hit with a forceful cannonball style tackle to his lower legs.

“Our priority is to look after the welfare of our players and these type of reckless and careless tackles should carry serious consequences.”

Caton-Brown Sustains Injury from Salford Red Devils on Vimeo.


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