Saints coach Cunningham wanted a more comfortable win over Warrington

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham feels that his team could have scored more points against Warrington at Langtree Park on Thursday night.

Saints won the game 32-24, ending a recent run of wins for the Wolves in St Helens.

“I think it should have been a bit more conclusive,” Cunningham said.

“We were in control of the game for large quantities, and it should have been a comfortable game for us in the end.

“But Warrington are a great threat and we know they can score from anywhere on the field.”

Warrington rallied late on to score tries through Kevin Penny and Chris Hill, and threatened Saints’ lead.

Cunningham was pleased that his side reacted positively to the pressure.

“That’s what rugby league is all about,” he said.

“Warrington games have been super games for decades, as far back as I can remember they’ve always been good challenges and good games.

“Form goes out the window.

“Both teams came off the back of a good result last week, and it could have gone either way at times.

“I think we would have been hard-done-to if we had lost the game.

“We were in control for large minutes of the game, and we probably deserved to have a bit of a bigger lead towards the end.

“But Warrington are a great side who can score from anywhere, and that’s why they’re playing so well in the competition.”

The Saints coach is also looking forward to a long rest for him and his players this weekend – one of the perks of playing on Thursday night.

“It’s always good playing on a Thursday!” he smiled.

“You get a nice long tournaround, watch the Friday game and then you can see what goes on over the weekend.

“Our players have worked hard and tough over the last three weeks, they deserve a good weekend off.

“Then they can recover and see where we go on Monday.”

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