Ryan Sutton aiming to prove doubters wrong in the NRL

New Canberra recruit Ryan Sutton knows the pressure an Englishman comes under when joining the NRL, but he’s relishing the opportunity to prove himself.

The 23-year-old joined the Raiders on a two-year deal in the off-season from hometown club Wigan Warriors.

Sutton is the fourth Englishman at the Raiders this year – being alongside Josh Hodgson, John Bateman and Elliott Whitehead.

“You probably do get pressure and there probably will be people who will say ‘an English bloke going out to the NRL he won’t make it’ but I want to try and prove people wrong,” Sutton told NRL.com.

“You know in yourself if you can do it, I know it’s a tough competition, but I’m a competitive person and I wanted to come over here and make a name for myself.

“I’m stubborn and sometimes I do read some stuff on Twitter or Instagram and I probably look into it too much, but it drives me because I know I am under the radar a little bit, so why not come over here and try and do something special.

“I have played for a while and I have got a pretty good feel for what the game is about, but that’s why I came over here to take my career to the next level and see if I can play in the NRL.”

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