Ryan Giggs hoping for Wigan win at Old Trafford

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs will be wanting Wigan to win the Super League Grand Final against Leeds on Saturday at Old Trafford.

Giggs has rugby league in his blood, with his father, Danny Wilson, having played for Swinton and Wales.

“It’s so close to call because they’re two very good teams and in form as well. I’m hoping for a Wigan win but I think it’ll be very close,” Giggs told Sky Sports.

He also explained how he came to be a Wigan fan, after following Swinton for many years while his father played for them.

“My dad was a rugby league player so it started from when we moved from Cardiff to Swinton, who my dad played for,” he said.

“So from then, about the age of eight, until I started playing football regularly, so for about four or five years, I was home and away watching Swinton.

“My dad took me to Great Britain v Australia in about ’82 or ’83 and that was at Central Park, Wigan were obviously a great side in the ’80s and even though I was a Swinton fan, my love for Wigan started then.”

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