Russia name RLWC qualifiers squad

Russia have named a 29-man squad for their forthcoming World Cup qualifying campaign.

The Russians face games against Ireland and Spain, as they look to reach the 2017 tournament in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The 29-man train-on squad includes one player, Ivan Troitskiy, who is currently at rugby union club Ivanovo.

Former coach Evgeny Klebanov has been invited to take charge of the squad for the two games.

All players are from the Moscow Region, the area from just outside the city.

Skipper Sergei Konstantinov is looking forward to the challenge of the two games.

“We are working hard for the qualifying matches,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for all participating teams to show their skills and abilities. We are really looking forward to playing in these international fixtures, they bring everyone in the sport here together.”


Viktor Ariutkin, Andrey Kuznetsov, Eremin Viacheslav (Dynamo), Kirill Kosharin (CSKA Moscow), Viktor Ariutkin, Andrey Kuznetsov, Eremin Viacheslav (Dynamo), Ivan Troitskiy (Ivanovo White Sharks), Vadim Buryak, Leonid Kalinin, Maxim Tsinkovich (Lokomotiv Moscow), Petr Botnarash, Mikhail Burlutskii, Sergey Gaponov, Anatoly Grigorev, Sergei Konstantinov, Aleksandr Lysokon, Maksim Suchkov, Denis Tiulenev, Vladimir Vlasyuk, Nikolay Zagoskin (Nara), Anton Iunisov, Iustin Petrushka (Moscow Fili), Dmitry Bratko, Denis Chuprin, Igor Chuprin, Vadim Fedchuk, Ruslan Khumarov, Sergei Stakhanov, Nikolai Zaitsev (Moscow Storm), Nikita Dagaev, Alexander Trofimchuk (Moscow Zelenograd)

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