Russia down Spain

Russia has made a strong start to the World Cup qualifiers with a 40-6 victory over Spain in Moscow.

Russia went to an early 12-0 lead, thanks to tries from Mikhail Burlutskii and Nikolai Zagoskin.

Kirill Kosharin added another and the hosts took an 18-0 lead buffer to the break.

In the second half Russia extended its advantage but Spain managed a consolation try through Juan Pablo Rango.

The Russians finished the game with four-pointers from Igor Chuprin and Vadim Buryak in the corner.

1 Nikolai Zagoskin
5 Vadim Buryak
21 Kirill Kosharin
3 Leonid Kalinin
18 Dmitry Bratko
6 Aleksandr Lysokon
7 Denis Tiulenev
8 Sergei Konstantinov (c)
4 Petr Botnarash
10 Ivan Troitskii
12 Mikhail Burlutskii
11 Andrey Kuznetsov
13 Viacheslav Eremin
Subs (all used)
17 Igor Chuprin
2 Maksim Suchkov
9 Vladimir Vlasyuk
15 Sergey Gaponov

1 Daniel Garcia
2 Clement Laguerre
3 Antonio Puerta
4 Alex Doutres
5 Chris Lopez
6 Ivan Ordaz
7 Miguel Charters-Blanco
8 Luis Thorp
9 Gonzalo Morro
10 Adrian Alonso
11 Cedric Bringuier
12 Matt Dulley
13 Aitor Davila (c)
Subs (all used)
14 Andrew Pilkington
15 Leandre Torres
16 Kevin Aparicio
17 Juan Pablo Rango

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