Russell Crowe apologises for Keary blast

South Sydney co-owner Russell Crowe has apologised for his tirade at stand-off Luke Keary during a team bonding session.

Keary stormed out of the session at Crowe’s Coffs Harbour property after some stinging criticised. It is understood the whole Souths squad was under fire from Crowe but Keary was singled out.

The film star that the situation wa entirely his fault.

“A bit of banter that went too far. I’ve apologised,” Crowe tweeted.

“He is a natural leader and great for our club.”

Keary, who is off contract at the end of this year, scored four tries in 24 appearances for the Rabbitohs in 2015.

Souths coach Michael Maguire said the incident is dead and buired.

“Luke’s definitely a big part of us — obviously there’s been talk about him having a discussion with our owner,” Maguire said at a press conference in Sydney.

“Two men chatting to each other — that’s all part of what goes on in any organisation and they talk well.

“(Keary’s) one player that’s a big part of what we are to this point and he’s a big part of what we are moving forward.

“Everyone in the competition at some stage comes off contract — it’s part of what goes on.

“At the moment Luke Keary is really keen on play at his best this season so he’s vital to what we’re doing.”

“At the end of the day it’s all dead and buried.

“It happened before Christmas. The way I’m watching this team grow together — I’m pleased.”

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