Rugby League Today: Coote commits to Scotland, Tonga base in Warrington & calls to scrap the cap

A wrap up of the latest news in rugby league.

What’s on site

Editor’s column: Brian McDermott realises Toronto’s Super League dream is already at a crossroads. James Gordon delves in to the future of the Canadian franchise.

A team of runners will take part in a special Great Manchester Run, passing Old Trafford, to raise funds for Rob Burrow.

We’ve had a look through the latest newspapers for our weekly paper talk feature. Warrington want Leilani Latu, Salford are frustrated with Catalans and Greg Eden is going nowhere.

The Rugby Football League has confirmed that Duke of Sussex Prince Harry will continue his role as patron of the governing body.

Toronto coach Brian McDermott says the Wolfpack are working closely with the RFL after admitting they are at their salary cap limit.

What’s in the papers

Ian Watson keen to prove the doubters wrong all over again at Salford Red Devils, report the Mirror.

St Helens full-back Lachlan Coote has committed to Scotland for the 2021 World Cup, and there are some very interesting quotes as to why he wasn’t selected again for Great Britain, report St Helens Star.

Dewsbury coach Lee Greenwood believes sharing their Tetley’s Stadium home with Bradford is a win-win situation, report The Telegraph & Argus.

World Cup chiefs in Warrington have set their sights on one of the big nations being based in the town for next year’s showpiece, report Warrington Guardian.

Leeds captain Stevie Ward would do a session in Ricky Gervais’ garden after Rob Burrow message, report The Sun.

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Should we scrap the cap?

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Podcast: The Final Hooter 2020 #1 – we are back with a bang!

Episode 46: Love Rugby League Weekly, hosted by deputy editor Drew Darbyshire.

The latest Chasing Kangaroos – An International Rugby League podcast is available to download now.

The latest Howlin’ Hour podcast is available to download now. Toronto Wolfpack founder Eric Perez is a special guest on the show.

The latest Forty20 LIVE podcast is out now.

We’ve got some top video content coming soon (biased, we know).


New Zealand legend Ruben Wiki turns 47 today.

Also celebrating; former Bradford favourite Joe Vagana (45), Leeds centre Alex Sutcliffe (21) and Keighley full-back Ritchie Hawkyard (34).


Hull FC have the biggest ground in Super League, with the KCOM Stadium having a capacity of 25,586.


  1. Increase the salary cap by all means. Professional RL in this hemisphere would be down to about 5 teams very quickly and that’s being generous.

  2. I don’t think they should raise the salary cap. Its not fair on other teams that don’t have as Much money as the big clubs. It will be the same teams winning it every year. And I’m a rhinos fan. Brian McDermott is saying that because he realises that Toronto have stupidly spent ridiculous money on SBW and could of spent it on a few players instead of one. Toronto don’t have a lot of players compared to other clubs so a few injuries for them and they can be in trouble. Sod em serves em right.

    • SBW has literally nothing to do with TWP’s salary cap issues. SBW and Leutele only count 150k towards the cap each. It’s everyone else that they’re overpaying and hence can’t make the cap.

      They could easily sign some Canadian RU players and count zero towards the cap—because RFL allows that exemption for RU players making the switch—but they won’t. Meanwhile there’s 56 Canadians playing in MLR, and they only have one Canadian team but will soon expand to 3-4 and will have well over a 100 Canadians playing RU.

      Then they’ll start to regret not signing anyone as all the fans start paying attention to rugby with actual Canadians in it versus rugby with none. TWP can’t see the forest for the trees, and McDermott is lying out of his teeth when he says it’ll take 20-25 years to develop players. No, that’s in places where there’s no rugby, Canada can have RL players up and running in 1-2 years.

  3. That clown Gavin Wilson is lying through his/her teeth. The RFL has been raising its salary cap year after year for the past 4 years.

    Salary caps aren’t unique to Super League and RFL. They exist in RU, the NRL, and in North American sports leagues as well. Only soccer leagues in Europe don’t have it.

    RU and NRL have a hard cap, and US sports leagues have a soft cap wherein if you go over the limit you pay a “luxury tax”. RFL could introduce something like that. For every pound you overspend, you pay a pound which then gets divided between the other clubs+RFL in your division.

    If it’s so “pointless” as the clown claims, then why is he trying to get rid of it? All those other leagues I just mentioned still have it. Getting rid of the cap isn’t going to solve Super League’s problems. It’s been raised progressively every year, and it will continue to be.

    The RFL/SL is the last league on earth that should be trying to create a “winner takes all” economic model. The goal should be optimization, bringing in new investors, updating the grounds for existing and lower-division teams so that they look good on camera for advertisers and audiences. More centralized cohesion and marketing is needed, better coverage on youtube and television. Not letting a half-dozen clubs run amok while the other 30 look like sh-t. I ‘do’ think some clubs need to be allowed to sink but majority need to be pushed/pulled up so there’s a genuine illusion of competition and suave. TWP doesn’t even have a proper grounds yet but they want to spend tens of millions on players alone so they’re complaining about a SALARY cap.

    The RFL’s not stop you from gathering advertisers, building a stadium, or negotiating a decent Canadian television contract which they still haven’t done. But TWP shills—not fans—even say them not getting a cut of the UK TV deal is why they don’t have a player development program. Until TWP brings a lucrative Canadian deal to the deal, it makes sense the UK sides don’t want to share theirs which they worked decades for.

    Brian McDermott is lying through his teeth when he says it will take 20-25 years to develop players. Bullsh-t. That’s how much it might take in a country where there’s no rugby, but in Canada it can be done in 1-2 years.

    There is no shortage of rugby players in Canada.

    There are 56 Canadians playing in MLR, according to Rugby Canada’s head coach. And MLR currently only has one Toronto franchise; as they expand to BC and Montreal they’ll be well over a 100 Canadian players soon. That’s not even factoring their Sevens players; Vancouver holds a World Sevens tournament every year and their team is ranked #7 in the world.

    RFL salary cap rules give an exemption to RU players switching to RL. Their first year they don’t fall under the salary cap, and in their second year they only count 50%.

    There’s easily 500 players in Canada sitting around waiting to get signed. You can’t tell me at least 5 of those guys aren’t capable of playing RL.

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