Rugby league to have its own ‘Americas Cup’

Canada take on USA in an international match, back in 2010

Canada, Jamaica and the United States have confirmed that they will contest a triangular series later this year, branded as ‘The Rugby League Americas Cup’.

Venues in Philadelphia and Toronto will host the series of matches which will determine who is the region’s top side.

“This competition is crucial to the development of the game in the region, gaining us increased exposure and credibility,” said Canada captain Steve Piatek.

“It will provide a pathway for the athletes being produced by each nation.”

Jamaica head coach Romeo Monteith added: “The Americas Cup will give our players a meaningful international calendar, which we hope will become a regular series.”

USARL Chairman Peter Illfield is hoping for an exciting tournament.

“The previous games between us in the World Cup qualifiers were sensational,” he said.

“We only just beat Jamaica who then held Canada to a draw, with the Wolverines leading us at half time in the decider.

“Having rivals in such close proximity provides a healthy environment for success, extra motivation for our players, and further expansion of the sport.”

RLIF chairman Nigel Wood, who attended the deciding World Cup qualification match in Jacksonville last December, acknowledged how significant a step the tournament is for international rugby league.

“This is a very significant initiative in the development of our sport internationally,” he said.

“All three nations are to be congratulated for taking the World Cup qualifying process onto the next logical level.

“The introduction of this tournament together with the admission of Toronto Wolfpack club into the Rugby Football League competition structure in 2017 represents a step-change in the position of rugby league in the Americas.”

Rugby League Americas Cup

Canada vs Jamaica – July 16th  3pm (Levitown PA) USA
USA vs Jamaica – July 23rd  7pm (Conshohocken, Philadelphia) USA
Canada vs USA – Sept 24th  7pm (Toronto) Canada (Also first leg of Colonial Cup, second leg to be held in UsA October 1)

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