Rugby league reacts to James Roby’s new contract

James Roby of St Helens scores in the final at Wembley

St Helens have confirmed that captain James Roby has signed a new one-year extension with the club for the 2022 season.

Next season will be the England and Great Britain international’s 19th season with the club after making his debut in 2004 against Widnes.

We take a look at some of the best reactions on social media.

Jenna Brooks was first to break the story live on Sky Sports…

Kyle Amor has his say on his teammate…

St Helens fans are happy with the news…

A great boost for the squad ahead of their derby with Wigan!

Some player!

From one number nine to another…

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  1. any superleague dreamteamer out there will be aware of this legend’s stats.all round skillset,mindset and professionalism unmatched.

  2. If Super League weren’t overly concerned with giving representation from as many clubs as possible, Roby would have been one of a few players to have won Man of Steel numerous times and it would be well deserved.
    Roby is the sort of player the game should present to the world and hold up as an example of an elite level player.
    The Premier League knows Kane is one of its very best players and showcases it. Bundesliga knows that Lewandowski and Haaland are two of its very best and isn’t afraid to keep telling everyone, every single week.
    Super League really should be pushing elite players like Roby to an audience outside of the sport.
    They tried to show Tomkins more a few years ago, getting him involved in presenting on Sky etc when he was still in his early 20s.
    It’s players like that, who are consistently performing at a top level for years, the elite players in the sport, that need to be showcased because they maintain the level of the game.

  3. What a player roby his as as been for a long time now but thereโ€™s time when you think thatโ€™s enough but James obviously thinks he can go round again weโ€™ll good on him as your along time retired from the game this lad as it all as I hate to say it as Iโ€™m a Wigan fan but what a player this lad as been and still is heโ€™s probably the best hooker Iโ€™ve seen in the last 15/16 years in our game he definitely makes the saints the team they are one ell of an athlete this lad good on you James youโ€™ll know when times right mate to hang them boots up ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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