Rugby League Live 4: Your questions answered

Love Rugby League got an exclusive play of the new Rugby League Live 4 video game a week ahead of its release.

The new game is out on PS4 and Xbox One this Friday, 28th July.

Here, your questions are answered. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments.

Is it possible to pass without it being intercepted?
Yes, as long as you’re not overly expansive!

Why are Super League faces not as accurate as NRL ones?
The Super League licence doesn’t include player image rights, and therefore player likeness.

Are Championship club ratings more realistic e.g. Featherstone were worst on game last time?
Featherstone are the fourth highest ranked Championship team on the game, behind Hull KR, London and Halifax.

Game always comes out at end of season instead of the start, why is this?
It’s not the end of the season, it’s only July! It’s difficult to get the game out any sooner due to having to wait for sign-off from clubs for kits and other licensing issues.

Does it have Marvel kits?

Is Eddie Hemmings on it?
Yes, the Sky Sports commentator is on alongside Andrew Voss.

Can you turn Eddie Hemmings off and stick to Australian commentators?
No! It’s all or nothing, I’m afraid.

How does the interchange work is it any different?
A lot slicker. Press the touchpad and make a quick change. Or you can have auto interchange on.

Is there the free play rule?

What leagues are on the game?
Super League, Championship, League 1, International, NRL, State of Origin, Holden Cup, NSW Premiership, QLD Cup

Are there set plays?
When you’re on the attack, you can press the up button and set what tactics you want to do for that set.

Can you buy and sell players?
Yes, there is a transfer window at the end of each season in career mode.

Is the Challenge Cup on the game?

Will the game be available on PC?
Yes, but not on the same release date.


  1. Having trouble kicking off either at the start of the game or after the opposition has scored as all my kick offs only go short

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