Rugby League Live 2: Your questions answered


We had an exclusive play-test of the new Rugby League Live 2 video game today. Below are answers to some questions posted to us on our Facebook page. A full review will follow in the next few days.


When will it be released in the UK and when is demo available via Xbox live? (Andy Stokes)
The game is due for release in the UK on November 16th, subject to shipping delays. No demo will be available.


Are players different sizes or are they just all a standard size and build? (Alex Ryan)
You can tell the difference between typically larger players, such as props, and half-backs etc. There is also difference in their ability with the ball in the tackle and pace.


Can you do a career mode like FIFA? (Callum Fletcher)
Yes, there is a 10-year career mode. You can select NRL or Super League teams to control.


Are Interceptions really as much of a problem as some people are making out? (Dave Callighan)
Didn’t notice this at first, but after more time playing the game, it did become a slight issue. To the extent that in one game, I was beaten 24-6 by the computer, and all five tries scored were from interceptions. Whether it’s a case of playing too expansive as you get used to the game, I’m not sure. Many of the intercepts are as a result of a silly pass, just like in real life. Decision making plays a big part in the game.


Are the might Halifax RLFC called the Blue Sox on the game as they were in RL3 for the Wii? (Dave Callighan)
Not a Blue Sox in sight!


Do Championship teams players have real names? (Ryan Williamson)
Yes they do. All real names and kits in Championship and Championship 1. However, Championship clubs and players are not controllable in Career Mode. Although the teams are present (so you can sign players from them), the players in Career Mode are fake names.


Can you sign players from lower leagues? (Scott Graham)
Not real ones. Championship teams aren’t playable in career mode, and for some reason the players you can buy from them are newly-generated youngsters, and not real players.


Are players in the right positions on the field? i.e wingers actually on the wings with centres next to them? Can you put on set plays with dummy runners? (Michael Clegg)
Yes, players stay in their correct positions on the field, so wingers are actually on the wings, outside of their centres. All players run set lines that you can see on the screen, and you can decide which lines to run. You can also use the tactics button to activate set plays and dummy runners.


Can you have an academy set up thing, where you bring youngsters through? (Jamie Butterfield)
We didn’t come across an academy set up, but there are a number of young players (17 years old) you can purchase from Championship teams in the negotiation window, and teams like Leeds and Wigan did so. You can invest your funds in to a variety of coaches to help improve the standard of your players.


Is the line speed of the defenders still insane? (Chris Gardner)
Line speed is quick, but not too quick that you can’t play the game effectively.


Will the UK version have eddie and stevo or will we just get Andrew Voss like in the previous ones? (Daniel Meredith)
No. Michael Voss and Phil Gould are the commentators on both versions.


Is the difficulty level sorted properly? (Mike Andrews)
There are five difficulty levels – amateur, rookie, professional, legend (and another which escapes me)


Are 40-20s on the game? (Jordan Holliday)


Where can we buy it? (Peter Wilson)
GAME and various other outlets. There are going to be some launch events at various GAME stores in next few weeks.


I know that NRL have player likeness but do Super League players have real likenesses or are they all a bunch of “twins” (Steve Laird)
Although there is no licence for Super League, the players are generally alike their real-life counterparts as much as the game allows. They are recognisable from distance, much more so than previous games.


Can you get injuries? (Michael Hanson)


Can u start brawls? (Charlie Hughes)


What game modes are there? (Alex Hirst)
Casual Match, Career, Competition, Training


Can you buy players? (Michael Hanson)
Yes, at the end of each season in Career mode, you enter the negotiation period, where you can offer new contracts to your players, or offer contracts to players from other club who are out of contract.


How much is it? (Kieron Grimes)
The RRP is £49.99


Are Championship and Championship 1 teams on? (Steven Caton)


What’s general gameplay like? Is it set plays or can you play off cuff too when you get a roll on. And what’s graphics like? (Sam Whitehouse)
Gameplay is good, fluid. All players have lines, and you can utilise the lines and set plays depending on who you choose as first receiver. The graphics are very good, very sharp, and it’s certainly the best a rugby league game has ever offered.


Can you create your own teams and players? (Johnny Wragg)
Yes you can. The create player engine is superb.


Do we get an upgrade to 2013 kits? (Wayne Dolphin)
There are plans to release downloadable content in the future, whether this is part of that, remains to be seen. You can keep the squads up to date in the editor though.


On a scale of 1-10, how amazing is it? (Josh McAllister)
We’ll say 8!


Few other things of note…

– Judiciary system. When your players are charged for incidents in games, you can accept the charge, take an early guilty plea or dispute the charge. Your charge is graded, and if you dispute the charge, there’s the potential for it to increase.

– There is a training section, where you able to refine your passing, kicking and tackling skills.


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