Rugby league in Canada can be great, insists Toronto Wolfpack coach Brian McDermott

Toronto coach Brian McDermott insists rugby league can be a huge success in Canada if the Wolfpack are given a second chance in Super League.

The coronavirus pandemic forced the Wolfpack to withdraw from Super League for the rest of the 2020 season but they have re-submitted an application to re-join the competition in 2021 under prospective new owner Carlo LiVolsi.

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Toronto are currently waiting for a decision from Super League, and McDermott hopes the club are given a second chance in the top flight next season.

McDermott said: “First off, it works. Rugby league in Canada works and can be great.

“(Secondly), The biggest endorsement I can give our club is the players and staff. None of us have been paid since May and I’ve got a number of players contracted to the club who all want to stay.

“The final one is: the NRL at one stage are going to put a flag in North America and say ‘we grow the game in North America’.

“British Super League has a really chance of saying ‘no, we did it first’. That would be a massive statement and something which shouldn’t be underestimated.”



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  1. This is an opportunity for SL to progress the game and stop being so insular.
    The future is NOT Huddersfield v Castleford on a wet Thursday night with minimal if any global media interest.

  2. Toronto deserve another chance but need to serve punishment for going into liquidation/administration. Totally unfair if they are allowed straight back into Superleague. Clubs elsewhere have had to serve their punishment so it is just and right for them to do so. Drop them down a division IMO.

  3. This will be a green light for any other club to walk out the competition and challenge cup when the going gets tough . They weren’t chucked or thrown out or asked to leave they WALKED., bringing the game into disrepute . They knew the deal they had been offered to join super league, it wasn’t forced on them . It’s down to bad management , a badly run club and a bad club committee. I don’t want to see Toronto die , but I want this club to receive the same treatment as Bradford Bulls and Widnes Vikings at the very least . But knowing the RFL and Super League they will see £ signs and let them away with it . We have seen the coach , the new owner and player begging to be allowed to stay in the top division, it’s just laughable after watching the game for over 5o years in short it STINKS

  4. Why does everyone ignore the elephant in the room? It’s not the NRL that’s the competition in North America, although their influence is growing, it’s Rugby Union! Here in the USA RU in the Olympics led to RU all over NBC Sports, right along side the EPL. NBC carried the RU World Cup, with the final on NBC.
    The big question should be what’s the strategy to compete with RU?

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