Rugby League Gossip: Bottom three at risk of relegation from Super League

rugby league gossip

The structure for the 2022 season is still to be agreed, plus all the latest rugby league gossip.

Relegation drama for 2022

The bottom three teams in Super League could be relegated at the end of 2022 to accommodate the new system of two divisions of 10 from 2023. Leading Championship clubs are pushing to ensure that a promotion spot remains available next season – with a proposal on the table that the Championship winners would play-off against the team that finishes third bottom in Super League for a place in the top flight the following year.

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Changes in Women’s Super League

The Women’s Super League is set to have some team changes ahead of the 2022 season. Two teams are believed to be requesting to drop out of the top flight and enter the Championship. While running with eight teams is an option, it is believed teams outside the top flight with the required systems to make the step up have been sounded out about replacing the drop outs.

Wolves pack choices

Warrington are expected to confirm a new one-year deal for Australian Jason Clark imminently. Though one player who won’t be joining him at the Halliwell Jones Stadium is controversial New Zealand Warriors prop Kane Evans. the Wolves are desperate to sign more front-rowers and Evans has been made available to Super League clubs, with Hull and Leeds thought to be interested. But Warrington chiefs have turned him down as too much trouble.

Move for Langtree

Long-serving forward Danny Langtree is leaving Oldham following their relegation from the Championship. The St Helens-born back-rower has made 195 appearances for the Roughyeds, either side of a year at Hull, where he failed to make a Super League appearance.

Ex-Leeds star wants coaching role

Four-time Super League winner Brett Delaney is looking for a way back in to rugby league in a coaching capacity. The 35-year-old Australian was forced in to early retirement at the start of the 2019 season, shortly after joining Featherstone. He has been sounding out lower league clubs about opportunities.

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No Thaler

Referee Ben Thaler has not been involved in the play-offs due to illness. The vastly experienced Super League official has been a notable absentee across the four play-off games to date. He was not included in the line-up for this Saturday’s Grand Final at Old Trafford.

Championship coach open to move

Championship coach of the year Craig Lingard wouldn’t rule out a move from Batley, if the right opportunity arose. He told League Express: “I want to work at as high a level as possible, so if a club wanted to talk to me, I’d be daft not to listen.”

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  1. absolutely stupid having three teams relegated no directors are going to put money in if this comes to be .Far better 14 teams with no relegation for three years, then there would be a period of stabilty

    • True, but that would interfere with the trend of downsizing started in 1895 as well as the norm of b’gger the the club at the back!

    • They want less teams presumably because of the money split between teams and the fact that there is usually one or two teams at the bottom of Super League who may well be capable of performing at the top of the Championship but struggle in Super League and their matches are too often rather one-sided.

      With the reduced broadcast money, they probably want to move quickly.

      I don’t think they’ll want to “bloat” Super League, even for a few seasons, because they either have to fund those additional teams for three years or so to allow them a chance to be competitive (i. e. against saving money) or they attempt to play in Super League with no extra funding and probably end up unable to compete. Another option could be one, two, three completely self-funding Championship teams are moved to Super League regardless of league position in the Championship solely because the owners are able to fund building a Super League squad/team from their own pockets, which means a lot of outlay to then potentially face going down again when the league is cut back to ten teams or whatever number, which would have to happen if all reasons behind wanting a reduced number of teams in the first place are what we assume they are i.e. money and competitiveness. So you can see why they were so willing/desperate to bring Toronto in because they promised all of that as well as the mythical expansion that rugby always craves, but you see how that turns out when the owner is no longer funding them fully or experiences issues.

  2. Typical Rugby League. Will we even find out before the end of the season what next seasons process will be for structures and how it will be arrived at. And by end of season i mean next season not this

  3. Relegate thaler hope is illness isn’t to serious but he makes me ill everytime I see him ref he loves himself relegate hicks solicitor he thinks every game is a court case dump rimmer he who wanted to fold the academy teams and whoever f…..g our great game up put in charge jon kear Tony smith Barry McDermott

  4. Please don’t introduce the 2 X leagues of 10, it’s a terrible idea and nobody wants it. Expand to 14 instead and split the money based on their position in the table the previous year

      • That way you have built in advantage for successful clubs with money and ignore any notion of fairness and equity in sharing resources around just like the marquee player arrangement allows wealthy clubs to breach the salary cap.
        Utter nonsense

    • What corporate sponsor will invest in a sport that is shrinking and known for knee jerk decisions that only reduce spectators and viewing, this will sound the end for a few clubs, Union must be in their glory as they will pick up the void in teams and sponsors.

  5. I’m not from the UK I am from NZ but I enjoy watching Super League. The idea of relegating 3 sides or 1/4 of the teams in the competition and having a 10 team competition is madness! Keep Super League at least 12 sides, with 10 UK teams and 2 French teams with P & R to/from Championship for UK sides and Elite 1 for French sides. Give the French sides a couple years notice to find TV rights deal/sponsors or after that they will have to self fund there participation in the competition.

  6. I despair.
    Cold it be rugby league might be In decline because we never give any new scheme or structure long enough to get any meaningful analysis before we are changing it again?

  7. Unfortunately the league is small with too many big egos and little common sense.
    For a start is the Salary Cap actually effectively managed as since the demise of The Bulls only Saints, Leeds and Wigan have won the grand final.
    The introduction of French teams massively adds to the cost of travel but with no reciprocal income.
    The add in additional loop fixtures The RFL are part of the problem so how do they expect to find a solution.

  8. I fear for Super League.
    No leadership no direction no idea.
    Promotion/Relegation based on on field results is ridiculous in rugby league.
    The game in too small.
    Who is in Super League needs to be based on.
    -Strategic Location
    -Potential Growth
    -Potential Crowds
    -Commercial Plan
    -Pathway Structures
    Teams going up and down each year helps no one. With all due respect there are clubs in Super League that can’t pull a crowd after many years, so effectively they are Championship Clubs posing as Super League Clubs.
    There are Championship Clubs that are great Championship Clubs and they should be proud of that, but that is what they are, great Championship Clubs.
    Any club worried about not getting the 300 travelling fans that might have come from Fev had they been promoted has major problems and should be examining their future.
    That is not meant as any disrespect to Fev, great club.
    It seems to me there is an attitude to pull the game down to smaller clubs level rather than trying to get to 12 (or 14) powerhouse clubs playing in?

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