Rugby league gives spectators value for money


Rugby league is better value for money than football and rugby union according to a new survey, published by the Co-operative.nnThe Co-operative – who sponsor the Championship and RL Conference – researched ticket prices in a number of sports.nnResearch by Opta has also shown that there is more action on the field of play in a game of rugby league than in football or rugby union. nnLiz Matkin, The Co-operative’s sponsorship manager, said: “At a time when every pound in a consumer’s pocket counts, the statistics show that rugby league is the best value for money out of these three major spectator sports.nn“The affordability of the match day and season tickets for children and adults is clear to see and that, combined with the action on the field, make it the best sporting choice in our opinion.”nnThe research shows that the cheapest admission price for an engage Super League club is £17.34, compared with £20 in the Guiness Premiership and £29.75 in the Barclays Premier League.nnThe cheapest adult season ticket in Super League is £193.85 compared with £212.42 in rugby union, while both prices were less than half the £436.22 cheapest season ticket in football’s Premier League.nnAs well as this, research by sports statistics company Opta show that the ball is in play for approximately 50-55 minutes in Super League, compared to just 30-35 minutes in rugby union and 50 minutes in football.