Rugby League Cares helps launch young Rockets

Cramlington Rockets amateur rugby league club have received a massive boost recently, in the shape of a £500 grant from Rugby League Cares.

The money will be used to purchase a new set of junior strips for the club’s young players, aged seven to nine.

The kits have been provided at a discount by manufacturer BLK, who also make the England team kit.

It is the first time a junior strip has featured the new club badge, which was launched earlier this year to celebrate the club’s 15th anniversary.

“We are absolutely thrilled with this award,” said Rockets chairman Jeff Ball.

“With so many teams at the club, it is really important we keep refreshing the strips we have, as they only last a season or two,” he said.

“They are naturally quite expensive and we still have a lot to change to the new club badge, but thanks to grants like this and hopefully further sponsorship, we will get everyone matching.”

For more information about Rugby League Cares, click HERE.

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