Rowley sheds light on Leigh exit

Paul Rowley has shed light on his departure from Leigh, saying something “didn’t sit right” with him at the club.

Rowley left the Centurions in a shock resignation last week.

“I’m a man of morals and beliefs, and there are certain aspects that I wasn’t in agreeance with and I fell on my sword if you like,” he told BBC 5 Live Sports Extra last night.

“It was a really difficult decision. I love the club, I love the town obviously and I love the players and staff.

“But sometimes if something doesn’t sit right with you, you’ve got to stick with your morals and beliefs and I made a really brave decision.

“I know my wife’s proud of me and I’m proud of myself, but none the less it hurt. It’s a disappointing one, but I’ve done what I felt is right.

“I have beliefs. I don’t want to hurt the club – it’s a place that I love and the town that I love.

“It was a real difficult and upsetting decision that I felt I had to make to be true to myself, I think that’s the best way of summarising.

“The staff are great, the players are great and the fans are great.

“I’m right behind the club and appreciate every bit of support that everybody has given me and I just want to crack on now.

“It was a leap of faith and I don’t know what’s around the corner, but I believe that good decisions and good people will get their rewards and I hope I’m one of them.”

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