Roets urges fans to roll up for Big Welsh Derby

North Wales Crusaders take on South Wales Scorpions on Sunday May 10 at Cardiff Arms Park for what has been branded as the ‘Big Welsh Derby’.

One Crusaders player who is hoping that the big occasion draws a sizeable crowd is Welsh international Christiaan Roets.

“I’ve played there for Scorpions against Warrington in a pre-season game before,” he said.

“It will be a great venue for the game, especially as it is a Welsh derby and I really hope that Wales Rugby League and both the Scorpions and the Crusaders will do their best to promote and advertise the game.

“It would be great for us as players as well as for the sport in Wales if we can have a really good crowd there.”

Roets is a ex-Scorpion who has always retained a soft spot for his former club.

“It is always a special challenge when you play against a team that you have been a part of at a previous stage of your career, whether that may be as a player or a backroom staff member – competition between players is that bit more intense,” he added.

“I have always had a special place for the Scorpions and really tried to support them as a player and a fan as much as I could, up to when I left to come up north.

“Derbies are always that bit tougher. Sometimes, it may not reflect in the score, but it is fierce competition.

“Young ambitious players will see it as an opportunity to showcase what they have to offer and others may just enjoy the personal challenge of beating your opponent in every facet of the game.

“I think that we, as Crusaders, have grown in leaps and bounds since being newly created and, with promotion in 2013, we really faced the reality of how tough rugby league can be.

“This will be much more advantageous to us, but Scorpions have a good group, full of energy and youth, and I am sure it will result in a really good match.”

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