Rochdale snares Riley

Rochdale has signed former Wakefield and Warrington winger Chris Riley for the 2016 season.

The Hornets have snapped up Riley on a one-year year with the toption to extend for a further year.

“We’re delighted, there are players playing in Super League, especially wingers, who aren’t as good as Chris,” Rochdale coach Alan Kilshaw said.

“He’s made a massive difference in terms of what he’s passing on to the young blokes and he’s a senior player now which perhaps he hasn’t been in the past.”

Riley admitted to being left in limbo with what the future held for him but he thanked Kilshaw and the club for the opportunity.

“Alan has been great for me  – he’s been patient and waited for the opportunity to get me on board so I thank him for that and the club as well for being patient until I got a job sorted,” Riley said.

“It’s a new challenge that I look forward too but it’s going to be a testing one over the next couple of months getting used to full time work then going into a part time environment of rugby league but rugby league comes natural to me and obviously I’ve a lot of experience from the work I’ve done over the last ten years.”

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