Rochdale face KR with no fear

Rochdale Hornets coach Alan Kilshaw insists that his team are approaching their home game with Hull KR this Sunday with confidence.

Both Hornets and Rovers have won their opening two matches of the Championship campaign so far.

“I expected us to start the season well and nothing surprises me about our group of players, they’re young, hungry and have no fear,” said Kilshaw.

“It’s two games that we internally expected to win so it’s good that we’ve managed to do that.

“We’ve shown we can win differently when we need to, against Dewsbury we were at home, it was a dry day and everything worked in our favour but last week it was the total opposite.

“It was snowing and a slow game, we had to grind it out and win differently. It was an emotional day for the Bradford players with a big crowd and I thought we handled all that very well.

“Mentally we’re at a good spot, we know how hard it’s going to be against Hull KR this weekend but I don’t think it’s something that will phase us.

“Tables don’t concern us at the minute, to us it’s just another two points that are up for grabs. They’re a full time team and I think they’re expected to breeze through this competition.

“People might be expecting that they’re going to come here at the weekend and win but that’s not a given and it’s our chance to prove otherwise.”

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