Rochdale 13 re-sign

Thirteen of Rochdale’s victorious Championship 1 Grand Final team have re-signed for another year.

The Hornets defeated local rivals Oldham last month to earn promotion, and among the re-signings are seasoned campaigners Chris Baines, Paul Crook and Steven Roper.

Dream Team selection Warren Thompson is also on the list, alongside fellow front-rowers John Cookson and Chris Tyrer.

Alex Trumper, Alex McClurg and Jordan Case have all been rewarded for excellent first seasons with Hornets with one year deals, while Danny Davies had pledged his future to the club before the Grand Final.

Youngsters Joe Bate and Matthew Crow will get another shot to impress coach Ian Talbot.

Chief executive Ryan Bradley said: “I have met with 13 players this week, and everyone of them have resigned. Ian Talbot has built up a strong family here and although we cant offer as much money as other clubs, the players want to be a part of this club.

“We have never missed a payment to a player since reforming as a cooperative- they are paid what we have promised on time with a wage slip every month and they appreciate the fact that we lay on Super League standard training facilities coupled with a World Class stadium.

“They all know what we expect of them next year. Its going to be tough and they need to raise their game, but Ian is confident that with a few key signings we will get to where we want to be.”

One player who won’t be staying at Spotland, is back-rower Mark Goodman.

The former Halifax man is going travelling in Australia.

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