Robert Elstone: New rules will make Super League more entertaining

Super League’s chief executive Robert Elstone thinks the new rule changes will make the competition faster and more exciting to watch.

Shot clocks and golden point are among several changes that have been made to Super League’s laws ahead of the 2019 campaign.

The number of interchanges available to reach team have been reduced from 10 to eight, while clubs agreed with the RFL to defer the introduction of the second referee.

On the new rule changes, Elstone said: “The changes to our rules and laws are there to highlight what’s different and special about Super League.

“Our competition will get faster, more intense and more dramatic.  They will provide our players with an even better platform to show fans their outstanding athleticism, courage and skill.

“There’s a growing frustration across sport with time-wasting, gamesmanship and a lack of transparency and integrity in time-keeping. We listened to our supporters and commentators, and the changes are focused on emphasising our sport’s key attributes of intensity, relentlessness and integrity.

“There’s so much to look forward to for Super League fans in 2019. We will be entertained by some great new players arriving from the NRL. These players will be tested, week-in, week-out by the ever-growing and ever-more talented crop of young homegrown players, many of whom debuted with such promise and confidence in 2018.”

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