Robert Elstone hints there will be no relegation from Super League in 2020

Super League chief executive Robert Elstone has given his biggest hint yet that there will be no relegation from Super League this season.

All levels of rugby league in the UK has been suspended since March 16 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And with a return date yet to be given, Elstone feels it would be unfair for any club to suffer relegation this year given the circumstances.

He told Sky Sports’ Golden Point Podcast: “As we’ve moved on, I think the sense that our season will end up looking very different as to what we thought it would do.

“We have the added complication of Toronto and Catalans which I think essentially makes it appear to me – even at this stage – that relegation from Super League is not going to be a fair and equitable proposition for Super League clubs.

“It wouldn’t feel right to do that and if we’re not there yet, it seems very likely to me that we will arrive at that point in the near future.”


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  1. So robert elstone hints at there will be no relegation from super league when and if it eventualy gets under way so does that mean no promotion either from the championship so what about all the money that is invested in the teams to get promoted or stay in super league has it all been a waste of time and if so whats even the point of starting the game again this season to play for what NOTHING RFL grow some balls and make a proper decision for once

  2. Well well what a surprise not , anything to save Toronto, how about Toronto relegated because their crap and not good enough for super league . Promote London as a reward for their hard work , and I’m a widnes fan , and please take your Toronto shirt off . Plus please pack the job in your crap at it .

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