Rob Burrow shortlisted for Sports Book of the Year

Rob Burrow
Rob Burrow, at Headingley Stadum, waits for Kevin Sinfield to complete the Extra Mile Challenge

Too Many Reasons to Live, the autobiography of Rob Burrow, has been shortlisted for William Hill Sports Book of the Year.

His autobiography documents his battle with motor neurone disease and the bravery he has shown to keep fighting.

Rob and his wife Lindsey will be in attendance at the William Hill Sports Book of the Year awards at BAFTA, Piccadilly in London on December 2. Burrow’s book is the only autobiography on the shortlist.

Rob Burrow on his inspiration for the book

Burrow said: “My inspiration for the book was the public reaction to my BBC documentary.

“I felt the outpour of love and support about my battle with this cruel disease and I was thinking about what to leave my kids to remember me by. I decided to leave my kids the legacy of my life and I hope they find it as a tool to hopefully deal with adversity.

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“My story is true to its word. If I was going to tell you about my life I certainly didn’t want to paper over it. I wanted it to be as honest as it happened. I want you to see that my career wasn’t always shining and rainbows because it was not. It taught me a lot and it prepared me for the biggest battle of my life.

“The story that sells that is my ongoing battle with motor neurone disease. I don’t know how the next chapter will go. I don’t think we know enough about this disease to know anything which is around the corner.

“There were many great people who spoke about me in my book but I’ve enjoyed my team-mates through living the practical jokes. I really enjoyed the Brian Mac interview, it was good to see how I challenged him to be accountable for his decisions. I never knew I had such an effect on his coaching career.”

Rob Burrow blown away by public support

He added: “What surprised me was that I was blown away by the reaction by the book. Inspiring is a word that has been used so many times but I think the message is this ‘live in the moment, you never know what is around the corner of life’. I would have never have guessed I would be dealing with this in my wildest dreams.

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I was literally blown away by the reaction to the book. I nearly actually did not do a book because I did not think I actually had a story to tell but I’m so glad I did. Words like inspiring, heartwarming and honest makes me feel very proud. However, I would have not wrote a book without getting MND. I wanted to leave my kids with a story of my life.”

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