RLIF to examine international eligibility rules

The RLIF board met on May 10, and have confirmed that they will be conducting an immediate review of the international eligibility rules.

The RLIF chief executive, David Collier, and Andrew Hill, scecretary of the RLIF, will be conducting the review.

“The board received a report from the chief executive concerning the eligibility rules and the RLIF regulations for international football,” RLIF Chairman Nigel Wood said.

“The Board determined that an immediate review of eligibility rules should be conducted by David Collier, the chief executive of the RLIF, and Andrew Hill, the secretary of the RLIF.

“It was further determined that the chief executive should codify all RLIF Regulations into a consolidated document for ease of communication to stakeholders and members.

“These are important pieces of work given the changing nature of international sport and the desire to ensure that the top players in each nation are eligible to represent their country in international football.

“The board looks forward to receiving the detailed recommendations in the near future.”

The board meeting also recieved a report on work to create global consistency of the Rules whilst encouraging and simplifying innovation in leagues and competitions through the use of regulations.

The CEO of the NRL Mr Todd Greenberg was also welcomed to his first RLIF Board meeting and it was proposed that Todd Greenberg would become a director of RLIF.

The board also confirmed the calendar of events, as well as expressing a preference for the introduction of an Intercontinental Cup in 2019.

This is set to be confirmed in August/September 2016, following discussions with partners.

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