RLEF clarifies Russian ban rumours

The Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) has attempted to quell the speculation coming from Russia this week, that rugby league has been banned.

An initial statement from Russian sporting authorities seemed to state that rugby leaue was outlawed, due to failing to meet health and safety criteria.

Various conspiracy theories immediately sprang up, with some speculating that the Russian authorities were attempting to boost their chances of rugby union sevens medals at the next Olympic Games.

Rugby league is not, however, included on the official Russian State Registry of Sports.

A statement from the RLEF has attempted to set the record straight. It reads:

“The Ministry of Sports in Moscow sent a circular memo to all sports not included on the official State Registry of Sports, highlighting the need for event organisers to follow ministerial protocols surrounding security and medical cover.

“Rugby league was not singled out in the letter. The Association of Russian Rugby League clubs (ARLK) meets all reasonable standards in these two areas and we intend confirming this to the ministry. The RLEF continues to support ARLK in its bid to reinstate rugby league on to the State Registry of Sports.”

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