RL Today: Relegation hype, calls to overturn 20 year ban & Huddersfield stadium worry

Avoiding relegation drama

Wakefield winger Jorge Taufua wants to ensure his side are away from the drama of relegation.

His comments highlight how unusual a staple of British sport sometimes is to players arriving from overseas.

He arrived from Manly in July but suffered injury in only his second appearance, before his side ultimately secured Super League safety.

The former Tonga and Samoa international told Yorkshire Post: “As soon as I got here, that was what all the buzz and talk was about.

“The hype around it all was new to me and how it affects people in the organisation and the community.

“I really hope we do our best to make sure we’re not talked about at all in that conversation.”

Running before they even walk?

Interesting piece in The Sun about a digital trends report shared with clubs by IMG’s Seven League.

They say clubs can’t stay in the middle of the road if they want to progress.

Fine in theory – but I have to say I’m concerned by a few of the comments.

Comparing to what Manchester City are doing is like chalk and cheese, given their resource and finance.

And the basic standards and output of some rugby league clubs is still well below where it should be.

It adds: “Avoid becoming trapped in the malaise of the shrinking middle. Archive video, press conference quotes, highlight clips and post-game 60-second shoutouts have served us well but in 2023, we may need to find another way.”

20-year ban shocker

Not condoning contact with match officials here, but this story of a 20-year ban for a former Australian player seems a little extreme.

Particularly when you take in to account that it is preventing him not only from playing the sport he loves, but from watching his own children play it.

The Sydney Morning Herald tell the story of Matthew Nean, banned for 20 years after a red card in 2016 playing in a Grand Final for Wests Lions against rivals North Tamworth.

He was initially offered an 18-week ban with an early guilty plea, but opted to fight the charge at a hearing and when found guilty, copped the huge ban.

Puts those frivolous appeal bans in Super League into perspective.

Kicking tee

Bit of a debate on Twitter the other day about the increasing use of sponsors logos on teams shirts.

But one area I’ve always felt was a little bit of a missed opportunity was the kicking tee – especially given the amount of time there is around goal kicks each game to do some promo.

Fear not, Hull KR have stepped up and landed iconic local brand American Chip Spice as a sponsor of their kicking tee. Looking forward to putting it on my chips in the press box at Craven Park next year!

Huddersfield stadium worry

There is some uncertainty over the future of Huddersfield’s John Smith’s Stadium.

The stadium’s management company could be at risk of going in to administration due to millions of pounds worth of debt, as detailed by the Yorkshire Post.

In a joint statement the Giants, along with Huddersfield Town FC and the local council, said: “There’s a lot of detailed and complex issues to consider and a range of options open to us. But all partners are committed to maintaining the stadium as the heart and soul of Huddersfield’s sporting heritage. Achieving such a solution will involve the Council and some other debtors agreeing to write off the historical liabilities.”


Jamaica international Bradley Ho turns 22 today (December 16).

Also celebrating: Wales international Sion Jones (25), Halifax forward Will Calcott (25).


The Dolphins will become the NRL’s 17th team in 2023 – 16 years after the last new team, Gold Coast Titans, joined the competition.

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  1. Chip spice! Yummy, can’t understand why it’s not taken over the world! If you’ve had it you know why, if you haven’t then you must try it. Best on freshly made, crispy, thin cut American style fries.

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