RL on TV, going to hell in a handcart

I’m not even talking about last week’s tipping so don’t ask, you can see for yourself in the last post.

Good news though as I caught my first sky game of the season and my god are people right about our coverage, a lot of the time it was like rugby for idiots by idiots. I especially enjoyed the nomination for this weeks rubbish look a like.

As Luke O’Donnell, the one on the right, piled over for a try Eddie excitedly announced a Hudderfield try for David Faiumu, the bloke on the left there. Thankfully Stevo stepped in and corrected him, “no Eddie, it was Shaun Lunt” – the bloke in the middle there. But it was Clarkey to the rescue. As he was about to agree with Stevo eagle eyes Phil spotted that it was actually O’Donnell who had scored, right about the time the replay showed “O’Donnell” written across the back of his jersey.

Where would we be without this crack commentary team?


Fear not though the BBC are making an effort to keep rugby league coverage in tip top condition by putting the Super League Show on at 00:10am on a Monday morning – prime viewing. But still at least the punditry on the show is better than boots n all…..

(Found via Nigel Wiskar’s RL blog)

I give up, it seems that TV coverage is going down the pan.

For those of you who did tune in on Friday night to Quins Huddersfield you’ll realise it wasn’t the most entertaining game, unless you don’t like Leroy Cudjoe in which case it was a bit of a laugh. Anyway I found myself on the live scores chat service we provide here at love rugby league and I’ll be honest I had an interesting evening, lots of great discussion and I would certainly recommend anyone getting involved. There was plenty of discussion, as there always is, about licensing and who will get the chop, who will get the nod etc and an interesting conversation took place. If instead of the RFL putting together the criteria for super league, what if the fans did?

Apparently Super League applications are assessed against 5 key areas.

a. Commercial, Marketing, Media and Community.

b. Facilities.

c. Finance.

d. Governance and Business Management.

e. Playing Strength and Player Performance Strategy.

So if it were for the fans what would be looking at?

a. I’m not sure many people are too fussed about this? Maybe a team who get an extended slot on boots n all and have a half useable website. 

b. Now we’re talking, right all clubs should have a decent pub near the ground of course. Once inside, plenty of bar staff and we should maybe devise a rating for match day pies, minus points for not having pies of course. Also plenty of space in the toilets and not just sinks at a suitable height (If you don’t know about the sinks you clearly never went to the old Wembley stadium) 

c. Well tickets should be sensible and affordable and again suitably priced food and drink. 

d. Erm…..

e. Well yes they should be big and strong, and in short shorts for the women.

What would you be looking for? Any suggestions in the comments. In summary if you left me in charge of licensing we would have teams that are in the vicinity of good pubs, serve reasonably priced booze, have decent pies and have players in short shorts for the ladies. Maybe I should stick to tipping. 

Speaking of which, this weeks tips, I wouldn’t hold your breath or put any money on them, I’m not.

Leeds 32 – 20 Salford – Leeds win at home although this is the type of fixture that can easily surprise this season, Leeds having already lost at home and Salford being capable of pulling off a result.

Wakefield 22 – 40 Warrington – Well after the sports pages of The Times implying that last weeks victory had set Warrington on course to win the league you can’t really bet against them winning can you? Although it is a little certain in the season to make calls like that.

Saints 22 – 10 Harlequins – Have Harlequins come back to earth after a brief flirtation with the top or will they prove that last week was just a blip. Saints is always a hard game to travel to and it’ll make little difference to quins that it’s Widnes and not St Helens they have to travel to.

Castleford 34 – 20 Catalans – Current league leaders Cas could well continue at the top and maintain their unbeaten run. Surely at home against Catalan is as good an opportunity as any.

Huddersfield 22 – 10 Bradford – Hudderfields weren’t very impressive last week against Quins, managing to squander their fair share of chances, expect a better turnout at home this week.

Wigan 36 – 18 Hull FC – Wigan fresh from their WCC game continued where they left off in the league with a win against Salford last week, I think more of the same against Hull this week. Not many teams will pick up points at the DW this season.

Hull KR 28 – 20 Crusaders – Big Willie Mason time (I had to put Mason in there it just didn’t read right) at Craven Park. Even without the big Aussie I think Hull would have too much for a travelling Crusaders but they’ll hoping for a welcome party for Mason and a result to go with it.

So there ya go, this weeks picks and given that my record low so far this season is one pick over the weekend I’ll be hoping not to set a new record! 

As Willie Mason has finally arrived in Hull my “Where in the world is Willie” game lasted a grand total of one week and whilst I put the finishing touches to my new game for next week I’ll leave you with a clip to remind you what Barry McDermot actually does well, bashing people, not presenting.

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