Richard Horne confirms retirement

Hull FC star Richard Horne has confirmed that he will retire from playing rugby league at the end of the current season.

The versatile former Scotland and Great Britain international made his debut for Hull at the age of 16. He has scored 563 points during his Airlie Birds career, notching 133 tries in the process.

The 32-year-old appeared in the 2005 Challenge Cup final victory over Leeds at Cardiff, as well as the 2006 Grand Final and 2008 Challenge Cup final, both against St. Helens.

Horne will now take up a role as coach of FC’s Under-16s, and he is looking forward to bringing through the next generation of East Yorkshire talent.

“It has probably taken about two to three months to allow me to get my head around the idea, but it just feels the right time to retire from playing,” he said.

“If somebody had told me when I made my debut for the club back when I was just 16 that I would still be playing for Hull at 32, I would have laughed and then quickly snapped their hand off for the opportunity. For me to be able to live my childhood dream, what more could you ask for?

“It has been an amazing 16 years, unfortunately though at some point you have to make this decision and it just feels like the moment has come for me.

“The decision has coincided with the club offering me this role within the coaching staff, which I am extremely looking forward to and I’m glad I am able to stay with Hull to take up this new challenge.

“Hopefully I will be able to have an equally long coaching career at the club as I have managed to achieve playing.

“My main goal now is to bring these kids through and hopefully give them the right skills and tools needed to make it as a Super League player.”

Horne now has four games left in which to make a final impression on the Hull fans, a group of people for whom he has tremendous affection and respect.

“I am so happy that I am able to leave the side whilst it is still so rich in home grown payers, with plenty of players like myself being born right here in the city,” he added.

“For me looking forward that is the way the club has to go, using the young kids coming through and the talent that we have got in the city. I few can add some experience around that base, then we have real potential for the future.

“I would like to personally thank every single one of the supporters, who have been so loyal and passionate in following the club throughout my time.

“They are truly who you play for, and when it goes right it is fantastic to know that they are always behind you. It has been a privilege to represent not only Hull but all of the fans as well.”

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