Richard Agar unhappy with performance, but accepts defeat

Wakefield coach Richard Agar was disappointed with his team’s control of possession, rather than the loss to Wigan.

Wakefield lost 52-10 at the Rapid Solicitor’s Stadium, but Agar appeared to have accepted the defeat. It was his side’s performance that disappointed the Wildcats’ coach.

He said: “I think you will find Wigan have done it to better sides than us this year so we need to stick it into context a little bit, but I think we are disappointed from our own performance point of view.

“We needed to hold on to the ball a bit better and hand it over on our terms a bit more. I did think a positive was that we split Wigan on a number of occasions, but our skill levels and execution wasn’t good enough today. 

“The ball sticking is down to a combination of us not executing the skill or having poor ball control. We do feel we could have pushed them a bit more for longer periods. It was something at half time that we needed to address and it didn’t get any better, in fact statistically it got worse.”

Agar was also aware of a problem down his flanks, as a number of Wigan’s chances came down the right hand side of the Wildcats’ defence.

However Agar was pleased his side were able to create opportunities of their own.

He said: “We did carve out a number of opportunities but again they have had a field day down our right hand side today and we have things to fix up very urgently on our right hand side.

“I know we have missed a guy that always plays there and we have had three different blokes defending on the edge but Hock, Finch and Tomkins were just too much for us to handle down that side today and they have had a field day.”

The Wildcats get a weeks rest due to the semi finals of the Challenge Cup.

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